Diversity In The Work Place Challenge

High5 Recruitment are keen to hear from a range of Derbyshire Employers as we set to work on encouraging diversity in the workplace. We are supporting those job-seekers who have found themselves with a criminal conviction for past mistakes. Recently, we set up an 8-day course that is designed to help them achieve recognised qualifications in a variety of sectors.  Our Students have shown commitment and a willingness to learn. These are great qualities that every employer needs in their business. It shows they have a lot of potential to thrive in the workplace.  There’s definitely a talent pool that businesses have overlooked and we would like to hear from you if you:

  • Could offer a work placement
  • Could offer guaranteed job interviews
  • Could give an employability Skills talk
  • Paid employment
  • Work Shadow days

Be a Diversity Employer

There are so many benefits to recruiting those who may not have been given the chances like some, due to a criminal record holding them back. They become a tax payer, lowers the risks of re-offending, they become a role model and they get the opportunity to turn their life around. 

What better place for rehabilitation than the work-place. Let’s help those who may struggle on their own. Right now, you can offer a new start to someone who wants it. As an employer, you can give them the support they need to turn their life around. There are a lot of ex-offenders out there who simply want a second chance to prove themselves. Creating diversity in the work place incorporates far more than you may think. By getting involved, you could make a real difference to someone’s life.

Have you got the authority to review your recruitment practices? Have you got the authority to consider criminal records in context? Can you ban the box from application forms and delay questions about convictions until later on in the process?

Have a brief chat with us or pop in for a coffee. You can contact Sharon on 01332 897968 or drop us an email to info@high5recruitment.co.uk.




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