Stop The Stigma – Working With The 50+ Generation

There are many myths surrounding the 50+ age group when it comes to employment. This age group is often overlooked. But why? Have you asked yourself that question? Imagine how you would feel if you got to a certain age and found yourself applying for those vacancies you know you had the right skills for but you couldn’t get to the interview stage well We want to challenge you…


It is so important in a world where the population is gradually getting older to consider the benefits of hiring older workers. At High5, we want to challenge employers to see past the age and look at the potential skills and experience that can be added to their business. We want to work with those who are willing to erase the stigma. We have many ideas on how we can work together in order to help those within the 50+ age group back into work. Some of these include using JIG (Job Interview Guaranteed), blind interviews and more.

If you are considering hiring additional staff in the next few months, would you be prepared to offer those in the 50+ age group a JIG? We would love to hear from you. Why not leave a comment below or get in touch to find out more? Let us stop the stigma together.


What Are The Benefits Of Hiring a 50+ Candidate?

Added Experiences and Skills

What most employers seem to miss is that those aged 50+ have many experiences and skills they can bring to the company. Not only will this benefit the business itself, it is more likely to benefit those of a younger age. They can pass on their knowledge and experience, even help to train some of the newer and younger staff members. As well as this, they will have gained multiple skills over the years which can be overly beneficial to you as an employer. The problem is that some employers refuse to see past the age and see the skilled person beneath.

Influence for younger employees

By having older staff members, you are showing newer employees what your work culture is. It shows them that you are more likely to keep staff who are productive, regardless of age. This then means that younger employees are less likely to leave your company and therefore generate a better economy for you. It can also produce a positive working environment where younger and older generations can share their experiences alike. And happy employees are productive workers no matter what their age.

Myth 1: “Older generations are less productive than their younger colleagues”

This is false. Studies show that older staff are –

  • Just as productive as their younger colleagues
  • More willing to put in the effort if they are valued
  • Just as capable to take in training as younger colleagues
  • More experienced and skilled

Whilst it is beneficial to train the younger employees, it is especially beneficial to train the older employees as the whole workforce works together as a team, bringing productivity and experience levels up within the business. The older employees may have more experience and skills to teach younger colleagues whilst working.

Myth 2: “They are just going to retire in a few years and have no real impact on the business”

Research would suggest otherwise –

  • Statistically older workers stay in work for longer periods
  • Boredom drives older people to work
  • Mobility and competence issues are a myth
  • More experience and skills give more impact on productivity
  • Older workforce can train and advise younger colleagues
  • Retirement age is increasing

Some Statistics

Recently, the government conducted a survey around the employment of the 50+ age group. They have suggested that by 2022, there will be 700, 000 fewer workers between the ages of 16-49. Also, by 2022, the over 50 group will comprise one third of the working age population. We are an ageing population and employers need to start adapting to this. In a poll, 74% of those who are within this age group stated that they still wanted to be in work between the ages of 60-65*. Unfortunately, many employers and businesses attach a stigma to the thought of an ageing workforce. However, there are many perks of having older generations within your workplace

We would love to hear from you. Why not leave a comment below or get in touch to find out more? Let us stop the stigma together.

*All statistics and facts were found on (2016) 

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