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Why are we different?

  • High5 Recruitment has a social conscience angle to the business and donates a percentage of vacancies filled to your chosen charity
  • High5 Recruitment is described as a Micro Recruitment and Headhunting Agency and you’ll only ever deal with the MD. Sharon Turner has 20+ years’ experience in a recruitment capacity
  • We are flexible, personalised and agile
  • Sensible fees and TCs that are agreed before the assignment starts
  • We are genuinely interested in your recruitment challenges
  • We’ll ask you questions and listen to your requirements to enable us to connect with Top Graded’ Candidates and then funnel the right CVs

If we can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team HERE.

Available 7-days per week.

What can we do for you?

Recruiting can be a time-consuming process. Let us eliminate the stress and time wasters. Finding quality candidates is our priority. Although we value the CV we sometimes look beyond this and look at personality and transferable skills to put you in touch with candidates who are not immediately obvious fits.

Our business model is providing one-on-one services to our clients. We are huge believers in the importance of being passionate about what we do. Our mission is to make your life easier by simplifying your recruitment process and reducing your recruitment spend by bringing in the right employees that will drive your business forward. You’ll also have a recruiter who will be available seven days per week to ensure candidates are contacted and job interviews are carried out at the earliest opportunity.


Gone are the days when you could just place an advert in the newspaper or across various job boards and sit back and wait for all those applications to come flooding in, so we’ll actively seek out passive candidates and engage with inspired candidates.

Right Fit

A CV only tells part of the story; hearing the candidates tone of voice and assessing their direct answers will provide a much more detailed insight into their personality. Someone with the correct skills may not have the correct attitude or share the same values.

UK businesses are wasting billons every year because of the volume of hiring mistakes being made. Our candidates are assessed on their characteristics, Abilities, skills, knowledge and attitude to ensure they are the right cultural fit.

‘Break it Down’

We must remember that job-seekers are not CV writers and sometimes fail to include all necessary key requirements. It’s wise to look beyond the CV sometimes and collate a little more information. The ‘Break it Down’ round is used as a means to rule out those that fully meet your requirements but to also give those candidates who would normally be eliminated at the first hurdle an opportunity to progress to the next round.

The Wild Goose Chase

We are all for saving you valuable time so, carry out a series of commitment tests with candidates. You would be surprised at how many applicants you can rule out by doing this. We are looking for candidates that chase the job role not those that send us on a wild goose chase.

Building a Bridge

As well as supporting those professional job-seekers we also support the long-term unemployed job-seekers who are looking to re-enter the job market so are always seeking local businesses who offer on-the-job training. Building a bridge back to employment is key to keeping the unemployment levels down.

Breaking the Stigma

We are also aiming to tackle the marginalisation of ex-offenders so are looking for prisoner-friendly employers.
Unfortunately, all too often the stigma of being an ex-prisoner prevents former offenders from making a success of their lives. Second chances may mean that re-offending rates are lowered considerably. Please get in touch with us to find out about our Charity/Social Enterprise that is due to launch late 2018.

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